Turning Worry Into Wellness
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Elizabeth Dossman, LPC-S
Elizabeth Dossman, LPC, has spent the better part of her adulthood dedicating herself towards the self-improvement of others.

Her journey began with a great deal of introspection of her own life. After a great deal of reflection, Elizabeth decided to leave a highly-successful and lucrative position in the hotel industry in order to become a counselor. While she was pursuing her Masters Degree in Counseling from St. Edward’s University, she volunteered at a local women’s health clinic. This provided her a  wonderful opportunity to work with teens on relationship ideals and self-empowerment. While completing her degree, Elizabeth did her internship at the Downtown Austin Community Court. There, she was able to counsel a diverse group of individuals, many of which struggled with substance abuse problems. 

After graduation, Elizabeth’s next adventure took her to India, where she worked with Volunteers for Peace. Stationed out of New Delhi, she worked to support community-based non-profits that focused on teaching basic life skills to children. Upon her return, she began volunteering for the National Domestic Violence Hotline, where she fostered a calm, understanding and empathetic environment for women to discuss intimate fears and pains that they had not been able to share with others.

In 2008, she began working at an organization that’s now called Integral Care, formerly known as Austin Travis County MHMR. Her focus was on counseling and advocating for low-income and homeless individuals that are HIV-positive. Moving into private practice work allows her to continue to expand her focus with adults and adolescents dealing with change, depression and/or anxiety. 

While Elizabeth wasn’t born in Austin, it’s been her chosen home since 1999. She enjoys going to the park with her prized-poochs, Lyla and Ellie and her wife. 
Elizabeth Dossman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Austin, Texas