Turning Worry Into Wellness
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Elizabeth Dossman, LPC-S
Transformation. Whether you realize it or not, you’re in the midst of a metamorphosis. People’s natural tendency is to arrange their lives so they aren’t affected by change. We cling to relationships, job, children, possessions, much longer than we should.

We do this because our identities are inextricably interwoven with what we think those people and things make us to others – and consequently, what we mean to ourselves.

And yet, change is inevitable. The only real question is how you will adapt. That’s exactly where counseling can be of most benefit. It provides a safe-haven for self-discovery. It helps reframe the mind’s thought process, often targeting negative messages that have been present since a very young age, but not necessarily true or healthy ones. Together, we work to develop new perspectives, coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills. 

But more than anything, we help you transform your thinking in a way that enables you to find new purpose, deeper meaning and a more authentic relationship with yourself.  

"Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world." 

- Hans Margoulius
Elizabeth Dossman, Licensed Professional Counselor
                                                             Austin, Texas